Teen Mom OG: The After Show - Farrah Abraham finds a date!

If you're a Farrah Abraham fan, you might ask what the 25 year old is up to these days. Fortunately for you, on Monday night she appeared on Teen Mom OG: The After Show and we were able to catch up with the former porn star. She was even given the opportunity to "sniff" out a future date! We'll get to that, but first let's get to the juicy details about her fresh break up and how she deals with her provocative reputation...

Farrah Opens Up About Her Love Life

Pic of Farrah Abraham holding red roses


Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG - The Afer show

"You think I'm a bimbo??"

On the show the sexy mama revealed a few things about her rocky dating life (she recently split up with real estate broker and businessman Simon Saran earlier this year). The host Nessa Diab was able to get her to open up about her love life: 'My therapist in the past said I don't pay attention to who I am dating, and that gets me into bad relationships," she said. When asked about her naughty sex tape(s) and how it affects her relationships with men, she responded: 'It's made it interesting, I'll tell you that! It helped me really channel in what a lot of men are about and really try to find somebody who's more together than most men'. The Teen Mom star went on about the kind of males she will NOT date:

"Some insecure men tend to judge me for that and that's not who I want to date".

Finding a man who doesn't care that his woman got boned TWICE in the ass for some fame and money is going to difficult, Ms. Abraham. Finally, she was asked about Saran and if the show made him jealous: 'I think he gets jealous on his own'. Damn, in typically Farrah-style she has no problem throwing her loved ones under the bus. See her bashing her family members to pieces in this report by People.com on April 17th, 2017.

It's pretty crazy that Farrah has gone from making a sex tape and licking the cum off James Deen's dick:

 cum facial in the Farrah Abraham sex tape

She must have learned how to do that back in her Teen Mom days.

To posting selfie's with Simon Saran:

Simon Saran and Farrah selfie

Farrah Finds A Date On Teen Mom OG

Farod, Asaf, and Tanner on Teen Mom OG

Since Farrah is trying to find new ways with her therapist to select a male suitor, the show came up with a new and interesting dating concept. She was blindfolded and could only pick one out of three bachelor candidates by smelling them. Seriously, who comes up with this shit?!

The contestants were all pretty different: A bearded MMA fighter named Tanner who 'likes to have a good time' and oddly had no scent according to Farrah's sniff test. A UCLA researcher named Farod who enjoys hiking, mediation journaling and eating burritos. A young and fashion-foward vegan named Asaf who ended up being the winner.

Asaf ultimately beat the other guys due to his smooth ways.

He brought her flowers, fueled her ego by calling her a 'boss lady', and during the sniff test he gave her a kiss she never knew she wanted. Although Farrah threatened him, she couldn't resist the charm. 'You have fashion, you have style, you're a go-getter, I like what I'm seeing,' she explained after making Asaf her choice. Although the star found a date, it doesn't seem her new found boy-toy will be a lasting relationship. Just a month ago she told OK! Magazine about her commitment to staying single: 'I honestly have just dedicated myself to being single for a while.' She also admitted that Simon wants to get together and get officially engaged, but the self-proclaimed entrepreneur is not about that lifestyle yet. She hopes they can work on their 'friendship' and 'communication' before they leap into something more serious. Oh, Farrah, we'll see how long you last on the single-train! We give it a couple months before she is back with her ex Saran, or she's got another man wrapped around her little finger.