Nicki Minaj And Farrah Abraham Feud

If there is anything that can be used to boost a celebrity’s status, then it’s a social media feud. And this time, around, Farrah Abraham and Nicki Minaj are putting this theory to the test. On the 10th of January, Nicki Minaj went on her personal Twitter account after watching Teen Mom OG and attacked Farrah. This was after one of Farrah’s follower commented that Farrah’s daughter had slapped her on the show. After seeing the tweet, Farrah could not help but jump in and attack Nicki Minaj. She tweeted that Nicki’s video were more like porn and that she was also negative in every sense.

As things heated up, Farrah decided to bring her little daughter into the feud. Nicki criticized Farrah Abraham for using Shady tactics by bringing Sophia into their feud. She referred to the move by Farrah as deplorable. Farrah had banned her daughter from seeing or listening to any of Minaj’s song because Nicky is a bad influence. Nicky Minaj was not pleased with Farrah’s move and asked her to go and watch President Obama’s speech with her daughter. Apart from that, Farrah’s daughter, Sophia went ahead and asked Nicky Minaj on her Twitter handle to stop using bad words.

According to reliable sources, Nicki has promised not to let the feud die off easily. In fact, she told Hollywood life that she was going to let the issue go nuclear. She has promised not to let the feud end until she has had the last word. Farrah has made Ms. Minaj so irked that she even does not want to hear her name. She has even asked her entire team not to bring up the name at all. And if she was to be brought up at any one point, it was her work to do so. She was so angry with the reality star that she has even decided to work on a dis-track for her. 

So as to ensure Farrah keeps her daughter out of the feud, Minaj has even volunteered to have someone interpret the proceedings of the speech since she feels that Farrah is not conversant with politics. Furthermore, Nicki believes that Farah and her daughter will gain something useful from the speech instead of dragging her into her battles. After hearing that Nicky was going to write a song about her, Farrah was flattered. Farrah claims that she was using her to garner attention because she was clearly in the wrong.

Nonetheless, Farrah still claimed that she was not a fan of Minaj, and she does not listen to anything that the award winning rapper has written. Farrah Abraham has stated that she has no intention of wasting her breath and energy any longer. Instead, she has Nicki to continue watching the re-runs of her show and also assist her brother from raping 12-year-olds. Minaj’s brother had been accused of raping a 12-year-old though the case did not go any further. From the look of things we cannot tell when the feud will end but, one thing is for sure, it is not going to stop anytime soon.

You would think that Nicki and Farrah could get along since they both have hot sex video scandals and seem to have the same promiscuous outlook on life. I guess just because they were both willing to get pounded in front of a camera, doesn't mean that they'll be "best friends" in real life. One thing is for sure though, they both look damn good nude in bed. Nicki Minaj ( made a sex video that the Internet is dying to see!